Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sandwich Slides and Alligator Tears

Thankfully everyone is doing better now, as of yesterday afternoon Ayiana was running wind sprints through the house and coughing minimally and Liam was playing as usual. Let me explain usual for Liam. I went out of the living room to go potty, came back in and Liam had found one quarter of Ayiana's PB and J sandwich from the coffee table. It was a triangle shape and in Liam fashion he takes it places it on our living room window sill; then it becomes a slide for whatever object he can find. This time it was one of those window clings, a green clover we had on the window for St. Patty's day. I took some pictures to show this affect, it isn't something I would ever think to do with a sandwich slice and clover though let me tell you that!

This morning we had our normal "Ayiana's going to school send off." This includes crying throughout the parking lot up and back to the cafeteria to drop her off and then better once in the car.... I've tried every angle as a mom to help Liam understand that 1. Ayiana likes school 2. He can't stay with her, she is in Kindergarten and that's for 5/6 year old's 3. Its okay to miss her but throwing a tantrum in the parking lot does no good......

Hoping this phase passes quickly! Off to do the pile of dishes in the sink, I wish I was the Genie in "I Dream of Genie"!