Monday, March 19, 2012

Dat Bunny and Sunday Snow

Saturday morning Ayiana had her schools Pancake Breakfast and it rained miserably. We tried to make the best of it though and Ayiana even tried to bounce in the super soaked bounce houses, but it was so windy and cold...then Liam sat/fell in a puddle and was soaked on his whole bottom half so we decided to head for home. Thomas was carrying Ayiana and I Liam, on the way out I had opened my umbrella and the wind caught it and whipped it open the "opposite" way, I was laughing as I struggled all the way to the car to get it back to normal... then Liam said something he's been saying for the last week, but I couldn't figure it out... "Dat Bunny"... oh my goodness CLICK in moms head, "that's funny" I laughed even harder then and when we all got in the car I told Ayiana and Thomas and we all laughed about that. I've enjoyed telling that story a few times with Liam nearby because each time I talk about he smiles SO big.... sometimes those little communication break through's are the sweetest things ever. So if you ever hear Liam say "bunny" rethink the word, he can't say an "f" yet but he's sure trying to tell us things, and he was right it really was funny!
Sunday morning Thomas brought home snow in his lunch box, one of his coworkers had come down from the mountains and his truck bed was full of it, so he and the kids had a Sunday morning Snow ball fight... I took loads of photos, I think they speak for themselves..... Ayiana was amused, Liam thought it was bunny, and Thomas was like a kid himself... the cat wondered, and the dog chased snow balls like her tennis balls!