Thursday, March 22, 2012

School photo's

Ayiana came home yesterday with her spring time school pictures, this one thankfully isn't for the yearbook... can you say "fire marshal Bill?" She asked if we could keep them, as they send them home and then you can pay for the differences or send them back, I said, "Not this time" and left it at that with her but I really do wonder what she was thinking when she took this one? I suppose she was trying to be a silly looking beaver but I hope that this isn't a repeating pattern for school pictures. Thomas talked to her some and I think she got the message...I hope at least!

This week we bit the bullet and have been sending Liam to school everyday for the shorter time, we have figured out he does not cry through the halls to class as long as I sing "The Ants Go Marching On" and that it is best to distract him and I simply walk away without another word. Usually the rule is to make sure and say "Bye" when you leave a younger child but in Liam's case that seems to just upset him more. So a simple "see ya" seems to work better. Thomas thinks, and I have to agree, that maybe he thinks bye-bye means for longer, since when Dad says bye, or Grandparents do, is it usually for a long time not just an hour and a half... So at least Awe are getting better school drop offs. His teacher says he still fusses some and says he does not like to work, which I find odd since he does so well working for his OT (occupational therapist) but I suppose or hope that will work out for him too. At least most of the water works have stopped. I was talking to his PT (physical therapist) about a previous comment from his teacher about him still wanting to play all the time. Which I brought up after his PT was so excited watching him play, and she brought a very valid point as well....he couldn't play the way he wanted for SO long since he could not move like a typical child, he had to play with whatever was handed or in range for reaching or scooting to so OF COURSE he still wants to play lol! At least now I feel better able to address the "he still likes to play a lot" better then next time. Last time I said nothing just raised my eye brows and smiled...and later actually did laugh some, thinking he is just a 3 year old right? If it comes up again I will be better prepared to bring in some "Liam perspective" too. It's so hard to switch to teachers that have not seen how far he has come, in some ways I know that they will push him more, as I am seeing but it also leaves for no knowledge of the mountains we've been through to get to where we are today.