Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fishing and refinance

Yesterday after school Thomas took Ayiana fishing, she had been asking to go again for some time. They did not catch anything but still came home with 3 fish a man there gave them, so I gutted and fried two and gutted and froze the third. They where pretty good but I need to really look up better cutting instructions for getting bones of Trout out easier lol. Of course after Ayiana watched me gut them she wanted a peanut butter and jelly for dinner :) I have to say it is rather gross but nice that the house still smells normal, fresh fish is WAY better then the alternative! While cooking dinner I was also able to refinance our house, how's that for multi taking haha. I had called three previous times but our house is so under water we had never fallen under the guidelines, until evidentally one program that started 2-3 weeks ago and the the one we actually got to use which had just been rolled out this week. Our loan agent said we could not have had better timing! So hopefully by the end of April we will have a 20 year loan (we still owe for 25 years on our current) and will be paying $92 less per savings is over $100,000 for the life of the loan..well gee that's a lot! Best part is we do not have to pay a close or ANYTHING to change the curernt loan, the lender does. So if your house is like ours call your lender, there is no longer a ceiling for home worth to loan amount so even if you have not qualified before you might now.

I can't not wait for Spring break, sleeping in or at least the mornings will be more relaxed will be soo nice! Before then Liam has an Easter Egg hunt for tomorrow and Ayiana on Friday so it should be a fun rest of the week!