Friday, March 9, 2012

Oh Separation Anxiety

Oh boy, so Liam started preschool 2 days a week at the end of January. He was excited for his first day and that was the end of that excitement. Every day except one, he has screamed, cried, pouted, and had major melt downs; and on some days he continues to cry and be upset the rest of the FULL time there! This has affected everyone in our family, Ayiana probably the hardest...she can not understand why we would turn and leave him when he is crying, I've tried to explain this to her many times but at 5 that's a hard concept. Anyhow, its getting worse instead of what we hoped would be short lived. Now not only does he cry when I drop him off at school, but he also cries when Ayiana gets dropped off for her school day, or when we leave Grandpa...yes my Dad is his buddy and every Saturday when we pull away from their house crying occurs for a moment or two. Liam also did this when my parents came to our house briefly last week to drop off some wood for our fireplace, he was not only crying that time but utterly mad that they where not staying longer, turned red shook his little hands and screamed. I know that this is a growing-up thing but I had hoped that the little amounts he did about a year ago was enough to skirt the issue. His teacher at school would like him to start going 5 days a week for shorter times, so after Easter break we will try that idea, instead of 2 1/2 hours 2x's per week, we will go to 1 hour every day, I am glad that we live close by enough for that to possibly work...we can stretch time from there, of course the school year will end probably before we can do a full stretch of time and then there's Summer break before going back in August. I am secretly hoping (well I guess its not much a secret now lol) that when he goes back in August it will all be magically better, I'm sure that's probably pie-in-the-sky, but a mom can always dream, right?