Friday, March 30, 2012

Sweetest Daughter and Eggstravagansa

Wednesday when I picked up Ayiana from school she was excited, she got to go to the treasure box not once but TWICE! Big deal for her always, the first time she went for a "WOW" paper, this is defined as three sentences written with Uppercase at the beginning, proper spacing, a period at the end, and of course phonetically spelled words. Her sentence's were "Is she nis yes she nis. I dot like ben tretid men. Ma u pes sop bein men." and now for the translation "Is she nice, yes she's nice. I do not like being treated mean. May you please stop being mean."  So she got a lollipop for herself the first trip. The second time she was quiet so she and two other children got to go, she told me, if there had been another lollipop she was going to get it for Liam, but there wasn't so she got a Reece's cup for Dad. Aww can you say, so thoughtful! I don't know at 5 years old if I would have thought of my brother then my dad going to a treasure chest lol. It was perfect timing for her sweetness to shine to, earlier in the day we discovered UPS had dropped a package on our porch the night before.... Thomas said he saw the truck driving away around 10 PM! It was her "Sweetest Daughter Ever" trophy. The one we promised when she had to miss her first day of school for being sick.

Which was also great timing in another way because Wednesday afternoon she started to run a fever, have junk in her eyes and had to stay home Thursday. I thought she would be all up and running today but middle of the night last night she crawled into my bed, and started having chills. She hadn't had ibuprofen since 3 in the afternoon and by 1:30 am her body was rejecting the idea of stopping that, poor baby, I think the last time I saw her with chill's she was 2! So with a fever still lingering (and cough, ear ache, stomach upset...she had a LONG list of symptoms) she had to stay home from school today as well :( This was especially hard today, because it was their special Easter Celebration day, and they had an egg hunt at recess and party afterwards which she of course missed. We did dye eggs, which she thought was fun and seemed to take her mind off of missing out of the fun at school. I came to the conclusion after looking at the eggs, that she is MUCH more creative then I as well.