Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pizza and Poop

Ayiana has this habit of having many conversations/jokes involving either Pizza or Poop, we ask for no potty talk constantly, and so it then becomes Pizza.... don't ask how it started we have no idea. Last night I'm sitting in the den and I hear from the living room Thomas ask Ayiana to stop the Pizza and Poo poo talk, she asks then "What about pee pee" I try to quietly laugh because this is just so funny sometimes. She is so much like her father in that regard, always trying to have a smart butt retort! Last nights provided chuckles from me for quite some time, I don't know what those conversations will turn into as she gets older but I think that it will be down right funny! 

This morning Liam had a follow up with the ENT doctor, his tubes and ears look great. He had an audiology appointment Monday that went great as well, so he is back to hearing well again...until his ears get clogged (which I'm hopeful they won't) but with his sub-mucous cleft its highly unlikely even according to his ENT. He was very good at playing there today

After his appointment he needed a diaper change, so I did that in the trunk of the car, one of our more normal locations because it is big enough to do it in, I have a blanket for padding and I know its cleaner then many restrooms. The little changing tables in restrooms also are not big enough any more and neither is the inside of the car! Any case, I feel so bad, since Monday nights "pooping at midnight" we have been fighting a diaper rash. Today it was better in some areas, and in one area much worse, it bleed some as I wiped him clean! When we got home I put antibiotic ointment on it and a waterproof band aid, I can not believe how hard it has been to get rid of this rash. I am thankful it is in a small area but it certainly makes me feel horrible even though I know I change his diaper every 2 hours during the day, Sigh... if only I could get him to understand he really needs to tell me when he goes RIGHT away not waiting for mommy to smell it (as of late there has been very little of that as well...just adding to the problem). I leave a diaper out and the wipes and ask that if he can't say "poo poo" that he grabs one and brings it to me, but he hasn't caught on to that yet. We have even been letting him roam the house nude trying to "air" his bottom and last night after his shower his sister got him a flashlight and he played in the closet with it lol... 
Liam has school today, so we'll see how he does. I don't even know if they can put cream on his bottom after changing him...sigh. I hope that they don't feel this mommy hasn't been trying enough to rid his rash :( and I hate that it always feels that I'm "in the spotlight" per say too... if you have a special needs child I'm sure you will know what I mean! We'll we're off to school, wish us luck!